Tory Burch - Mini Miller Sandal

Looking for a new pair of modern shoes? Well, you can truly never go wrong with a magnificent pair of shoes from Tory Burch. The brand produces timeless styles that stay in fashion for years to come — and they’re also recognized for being top-tier in the quality department!

They deliver an eclectic mix of bohemian glamour and American sportswear, and the brand is known for effortlessly stylish, always-interesting pieces ranging from apparel to shoes to accessories. One of Tory Burch's bestselling styles is the Miller sandal. They have currently given this classic silhouette a stylish update by producing an adorable miniature version! They are produced for the spring and summer!

Here is why Tory Burch Mini Miller Sandal is perfect for you!


When it’s time to elevate a casual basic, we can rely on these comfortable yet stylish sandals to give us all the comfort and style that we need! Our iconic collection of Tory Burch Shoes is featuring prominently a scaled-down double 'T', the Mini Miller Jelly Thong Sandal is durable and waterproof which is perfect for the beach.

These sleek slip-on sandals represent an upgrade from your typical flip flop. They are produced from imported leather and feature the iconic logo right at the top. We enjoy the deep black color that naturally has a slight glossy tint to it — it looks tempting against the bright gold emblem right in the center! The distinctive shape of the shoe is worth obsessing about for a considered second.

You can’t go wrong with the Miller sandal for practically every occasion. Weather allowing you can wear them with nearly any outfit in your closet. They look tremendous casually with cutoff jean shorts by day, then classy and elegant in a dress at night. Jumpsuits, shorts, rompers, and jeans altogether work with the Miller sandals.

If you prefer to purchase these sandals in a varied color, there a handful of options to choose from! They equally come in a beautiful monochromatic blue and red, as well as your standard brown. That said, the dusky hue remains our superior choice. It can easily team well with several other outfits.

Prominent features of these stylish and chic Mini Miller Sandal


The toe shape on the sandals is rounded in a way that follows the outline of the foot. The flexible sole on these sandals is carefully cut in a square, which we adore.

The square-toed footwear is a ’90s staple that’s recently been making waves again, so we tenderly love that this shoe fits in with the current trends.

The heel on these sandals’ measures to just a quarter-inch, which is all you need when wearing an easy pair of slip-on flats.

They are as comfortable as a pair of regular flip flops but are easily chicer and more sophisticated.

Clean-lined, modern, and minimal, with an optional crossbody strap.

This mini Miller Jelly sandal features a shrunken double "T" and is durable and waterproof, perfect for the beach.


  • Fabric: Rubber
  • Rubber sole
  • Logo cutout
  • Open toe